Supplier Connect Portal – VConnect

Vendor portals can automate the supplier communication processes. For most companies the supplier communication is manual.


Lack in Communication


  • PO, Schedule, Goods Receipt and Payment details available real-time.
  • Events and News information highlighted on portal common or vendor specific.

Delayed Data Availability

  • PO rates and taxation will be immediately made available on portal.
  • Schedules and SA immediately available on portal for execution.


  • Supplier will generate ASN based on data provided from SAP only, no manual entry in document creation. Avoids wrong data entry at Goods Receipt and Bill Booking.
  • Vendor side batch management and correct sub contracting batch consumption.

What is VConnect?

The perfect supply.

To achieve it consistently, you and your supplier need better supply chain collaboration tools.

We’re talking about a web-based solution that makes it easy to connect and share information with all your suppliers in real-time.

One that also provides intelligence that can help you anticipate supply and make fast, informed decisions to manage production

vendor information Portal

VConnectX is a growing collection of integrated plug-in services and apps that help you process faster.

The Vendor Portal provides a single web interface for your suppliers to log-in and view open orders and balances as well as to submit information to you such as EDI/ASN, delivery and more. These communications are sent directly to and from Portal system thus allowing rapid interaction between you and your vendors.

Vendor Portal allows companies and its vendors to share specific management information for mutual benefit, using low-cost Internet technology.

Vendor Portal is a one-stop-shop for all supplier needs, where in each vendor has a tailored view of its data. It allows access to only the specific information the company wants vendors to see. This controlled view provides access for suppliers and security for companies. It is seamlessly integrated with the SAP system.

Problems with existing system

  • Communication Cycle Time
  • Production waste
  • Supply when not required
  • Flexible demands difficult to manage
  • Wrong delivery sequence
  • Team co-ordination issue
  • Real-time reporting not possible
  • Supplier management is complex


Supplier requirements will be controlled using below technique…

Information Sharing

  • Information will be shared with supplier like PO, Schedule, Payment, Quality etc


  • Supplier can prepare EDI/ASN barcode to supply stock against requirement.
  • Same will be attached to Invoice.


  • System will only allow EDI preparation for valid requirement at updated PO rates.


  • Barcoded EDI will be receipt at gate.
  • VConnect SAP patch will help scanning and automated document processing.

Solution : Integration with Other Systems

  • Integration enabled
  • SAP or Custom ERP integration
  • Retrieve data using API
  • Machine Integration Compatible


Solution : On Portal Information

  1. Delivery Schedule shown to the vendor
  2. Purchase Order and Scheduling Agreement shown to the vendor
  3. Drawings and RFQs shown to the vendor
  4. Advance Shipping Note
  5. System access to Stores
  6. System access to Quality
  7. System access to Finance
  8. System handles Raw Material
  9. System handles Job Work Material
  10. System handles multiple plants
  11. System is tightly integrated with SAP
  12. System data is secured inside your firewall
  13. Vendor needs a simple broadband connection to use the system
  14. Vendor does not need any dedicated hardware like barcode printers etc…
  15. Allow the vendor to create EDI/ASN for dispatching material.
  16. Allow vendor to see his RFQ, drawings and other documents.

Solution : Reports

  1. Purchase Orders Details
  2. Scheduling Agreement Details
  3. Schedule Lines Details
  4. Payment Status Details
  5. Stock statement for subcontracting BOM items
  6. Receipts of Material delivered
  7. Quality and rejection data.
  8. Part Listing
    • Regular
    • DOL
  9. Vendor Quality Rating.
  10. New Part Development Information
  11. Idea Sharing from vendor: Form will be provided on portal using which vendor will share idea.

Our Customer’s Talk

It was a delight to have Vtelebyte on board for our first Innovation project E- Kanban. The solution provided was very customer friendly and useful for moving towards a just in time production. We are pleased to offer horizontal deployment of E- kanban across the plant.

Mr. S N. DileepPlant Head, Apollo

We hired VSPL for our SAP barcode automation requirement in which they have good knowledge. The entire solution has a very good value for money. Would recommend the team for the good work.

Mr. Amol DagawadePresident Finance, Advik Hi-Tech Pvt. Ltd.