Traceability Software

Traceability Software

The biggest problems with handling stock nowadays are with the inventory not being visible, thus making rejects difficult to identify until it is too late. Then there is also the problem of wrong stock consumption and getting the wrong stock or data which may further hamper the whole manufacturing process. Barcode Based Traceability Software is built to meet such problems. It attaches barcodes to the stock so that they can be traced at each level of operation, thus increasing visibility and possibility of identifying rejects early to minimize production costs. It also follows the FIFO process which ensures that the oldest stocks are used up first and are not forgotten or wasted. It also replaces manual entry of data, thus eliminating the possibility of manual errors. Furthermore, its automated processes not only increases efficiency but also help save time.

These are not the only things that traceability software is capable of. It also solves the other problems—tracing out lost or stolen items and organizing them in an optimal way to maximize production and quality and minimize costs.

Benefits of using Barcode Based Traceability Software

  • Auto Gate Entry
    It provides solutions at the gate entry level, in the handling of receipts, in location planning and picklist planning.
  • Real Time Tracking of items
    Using barcodes, the items are scanned and entered at the gates only if they are verified to being correct Data. The scanned data is automatically entered into the systems. The barcode traceability helps update the location of the items in the system, thus helping in real-time tracking of the items.
  • Easy Integration with Other System
    This software not only makes the work highly efficient but is also very easy to use. Moreover, it can be easily integrated into any system and the integration can be either SAP based or custom ERP integration based, depending on what you choose.
  • Automated Data Entry
    Eliminate the process of manual data entry.

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