Manufacturing Execution System

A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) delivers real-time information, support a variety of lean concepts on the shop floor, including waste reduction, and maximize existing investment in ERP system.


Lack of Real-time data monitoring


  • MES system updates the ERP with production, scrap, and material issue transactions as well as with labor details. In addition, you can display schedules, parts lists, and other ERP-sourced information to management and the shop floor user.

Lack of Real-Time information

  • Important information about the present status of all work being conducted on the plant floor is available to users and management.
  • Automatically interface to machine control systems, scales, quality gauges, etc.

ERP VS Shop floor Inventory

  • Online Schedule by Work Center
  • WIP Inventory Location and Availability
  • Eliminate the requirement to recheck, manage, and adjust ERP inventory.

Why Manufacturing Execution System?

Because improving product quality while driving down costs is your ultimate goal.

  • Leverage seamless, out-of-the-box SAP ERP integration
  • Control the production of every single unit to boost product quality
  • Ensure regulatory compliance with unit-level traceability and reporting
  • Improve nonconformance management, from in-line sampling to visual testing and repair
  • Give operators role-specific MES access, personalized dashboards, and intuitive mobile and browser-based UI
  • High flexibility and extensibility

Modules included in MES System

  • Manufacturing Inventory
  • Labeling and Barcoding
  • Production Monitoring
  • Shop Floor Data Collection
  • Outsource Inventory Management
  • Manufacturing Production Reporting
  • Project Management
  • Quality Management

Solution : Integration with Other Systems

  • Integration enabled
  • SAP or Custom ERP integration
  • Retrieve data using API
  • Machine Integration Compatible

manufacturing execution system integration with other system

Solution : Manufacturing Inventory

Reduce Inventory Costs and Improve Tracking and Traceability from the Manufacturing Floor to the Warehouse

Inventory control may be the single most important factor in improving shop floor efficiency, part and materials accuracy and ultimately, your bottom line.

From reducing physical inventory time to improving supplier communication or from tracking outsourced parts to forecasting necessary materials, the Manufacturing Inventory Software modules helps you solve every supply chain challenge.

Detailed transaction log provides a complete history of movement against any single item until it consumed.

Solution : Labeling and Barcoding

Accurate Manufacturing Inventory – Lot Traceability – Complex Labeling – Flexible Barcoding

System enables labeling capabilities to automate all your manufacturing, shipping, receiving, scanning, customer specific, and general in-house label requirements.

From simple text labels to complex 2D barcode, and industry compliance labels, system does it all.

Barcode ensures accurate inventory and lot traceability, precise and timely shipments, and other compliance requirements.

Instantly print labels directly from within key modules such as receiving, inventory, shipping, shop floor, WMS, RealTime, pick tickets, sales orders.

Solution : Production Monitoring

System has plugins for real-time production monitoring as a part of manufacturing ERP software system.

Completely embedded with SAP manufacturing and all aspects of your production immediately as parts are being made and applied to the shop orders, automatically updating manufacturing ERP software modules with schedule details, finished product counts, quality data and more.

The result of this synergy is unprecedented real-time visibility into the fine details of your entire manufacturing enterprise.

Improved overall productivity, efficiency and quality with timely hands-off data capture and analysis of both machine and process performance data.

Improved data accuracy and integrity as redundant data entry and batch interfaces are eliminated.

Improved customer relationships as everyone in the supply chain has access to the same production information.

Solution : Shop Floor Data Collection

Data collection system provides an in-depth look into your processes and can be utilized on any device or machine with data communication capability such as a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).  Users define which performance and measurement parameters to capture for each item or tooling configuration, thus providing flexibility to gather the unique, job-specific statistics you need to drive additional activities and processes.

View overall enterprise or specific work center performance from any computer on your network (even remotely) and check production as it occurs. Real-Time Production Monitoring provides instantaneous feedback on critical parameters such as total parts created, production time, downtime, scrap, rejects, parts remaining to be produced.

Solution : Outsource Inventory Management

Outsource inventory module gives you the visibility you need to gain control over your supply chain. As part of the manufacturing software modules, OIMS provides all the tools you need to setup, plan, manage, ship and track the status of sub-contracted products, produced in partial or completion at outsource vendor locations.

Ability to track the status of products sent to outsource vendors including ship orders, inventory in-transit location details, rejects, and more. Assign inventory to the “in-transit” locations associated with each outsource vendor

Receive shipping notices and ASNs via EDI for “supplier to supplier” transactions or drop shipments

Automatically “consume” raw materials at supplier location(s)

Tie receipt to original shipping transaction for complete lot and serial traceability

Solution : Manufacturing Production

Empower your shop floor with real time Production Reporting that has never been more accurate or convenient. Accurate and timely production reports are key to the management decision making process.

With Manufacturing Production Reporting tool you receive information directly from the shop floor as you need it, and more importantly, when you need it. Real time reporting keeps you informed of what’s been produced, what has not been produced (and why) and the overall efficiency of your machines. You can now make business decisions based on actual facts as problems need attention, and in some cases catch potential problems before they impact customer deliveries.

Solution : Project Management

Track any Type of Project – User defined tasks and project templates allow for detail project tracking for any type of capital project from quote creation.

Project History – Project archives allow for a complete historical record of the project to be maintained.

Assign Labor – Links with the Time and Attendance module allow you to select the most efficient method of assigning and reporting labor to each task, ensuring all labor is accounted for.

Multi-Level Tasking – Supports multi-level task assignments with financial roll up for detail tracking.

Consume Inventory – Embedded links with the Inventory Software module can be assigned to projects and consumed from inventory as the project progresses.

Project Cost Activity – Quickly analyze costs and profitability of tooling and other equipment with up-to-date financial activity against a project including standard vs. actual costs, projected and actual profit margin, AP/AR, and labor usage with drill down capability for details.

Cost Analyses – Link to Preventative Maintenance provides complete project lifecycle cost analysis.

Reporting – Concise reporting lists all project tasks, their statuses and costs on a single screen. Gantt charts allow for quick views of a project’s completion status.

Project Cloning – Project cloning of existing projects saves time and reduces errors when setting up like projects.

Solution : Quality Management

A powerful and flexible QMS system to help manufacturing companies control and comply with the most stringent quality standards

Perhaps one of the most critical aspects of a manufacturing operation, and certainly one of the most concerning, is quality management. Whether you are struggling with audits, parts trending out of specification, or a lack of end-to-end part visibility and tracking. Our Quality Management Software (QMS) offers an extensive suite of tools and capabilities necessary to cost-effectively manage quality issues while streamlining manufacturing and ERP operations and facilitating collaboration.

Our Customer’s Talk

We have known Vtelebyte since 2013. The project was executed well within the timeline. The team actively supports whenever needed. We are satisfied with the performance and will definitely consider rehiring Vtelebyte for future projects.

Mr. Rajendra Talele, DGM, IT

It was a delight to have Vtelebyte on board for our first Innovation project E- Kanban. The solution provided was very customer friendly and useful for moving towards a just in time production. We are pleased to offer horizontal deployment of E- kanban across the plant.

Mr. S N. Dileep, Plant Head

We hired VSPL for our SAP barcode automation requirement in which they have good knowledge. The entire solution has a very good value for money. Would recommend the team for the good work.

Mr. Amol Dagawade, President Finance.